Cloud Technology can Help Businesses Run more Efficiently


Business card scanner

According to Datapro and the Gartner Group, a quarter of enterprise paper documents are misplaced, and will never be located. Because properly managing documents and information is so important in the business environment of today, businesses might want to consider using laptop scanners in order to prevent papers from getting lost in the mix. Electronic files that exist in the cloud are safer than physical files because they are not susceptible to damage from floods or fire. As a result, using laptop scanners can be very beneficial to businesses who need to make sure that they always have easy access to all of their important files.

Within the next five years, analyst firm Gartner expects over 60 percent of server workloads to be virtualized. In order to do so, many businesses will need to use laptop scanners that help move paper files into the digital world. Using a digital filing system can help a company run much more efficiently than with paper and other physical files. As a result, laptop scanners can be a great asset to businesses who depend on being able to quickly retrieve the valuable information that their files store.

As the business environment becomes more and more competitive, doing work on the go is becoming more important. Consequently, laptop scanners that allow data to be accessed from anywhere can be a great tool for businesses. A recent SandHill survey of 500 IT decision makers found that roughly 50 percent of respondents cited business agility as the main reason for adopting cloud applications. Businesses who do that can certainly benefit from using products like portable scanners that allow them to upload files quickly while on the go. Using products like those, and others like laptop scanners and business card readers, can help businesses become highly agile and, in turn, more productive.

Using products like laptop scanners can help businesses become part of the green movement that is designed to help preserve many of the resources on the planet. Every year, according to, the average office employee uses 10,000 sheets of paper. Using laptop scanners and cloud technology can help businesses reduce the amount of paper that they use, which can go a long way towards preserving the environment and, potentially, reducing their operating cost. Because the business environment today is so competitive, any advantage like that might mean the difference between success and failure.