Choosing a Website Design Firm


In this YouTube Video, Rapid Web Launch discusses the difference between cheap web design and affordable website design. Cheap and affordable can mean different things.

At the heart of it, cheap web design has to do with mindset.

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People are either looking for good quality work at a price within their budget, they don’t understand the return on investment a good web design can bring, or they are trying to take advantage of a desperate web designer. Cheap web designers will use outdated SEO and design practices while making blind guarantees about performance. They will use only standard templates and won’t customize them.

Affordable website design implies reduced cost while retaining its level of quality. Goals are stated with realistic expectations with the motivation of driving targeted leads and targeted traffic to a website. The designer is constantly sharpening their skills and stays up-to-date on mobile-first standards. They will use the latest SEO practices. While they may start with a standard template, the affordable website designer will customize it to the client’s needs. New businesses should reach out to an affordable web designer who offers flat fees upfront for web design but cheaper monthly payments for ongoing website maintenance.