Best Practices for Restaurant Grease Management


If you own a restaurant, you need to be aware of the unique challenges this type of small business faces. One of these challenges is grease management. You can’t let your employees simply dump grease down the drain. Cooking grease, especially in the high volumes produced by many small restaurants, can clog drains and municipal sewer systems. Unfortunately, if grease is found in the sewer system near your restaurant, it can be traced back to your building, and repair costs may be your responsibility.

Video Source

The best practices for restaurant grease management are discussed in the video posted on this page. If you are unsure of how to handle grease, the video should teach you everything you need to know about training your employees and ensuring your building has the right equipment to trap grease.

You can’t store trapped grease on your property forever. Instead, you need to find a grease recycle service in your area to pump out the grease trap and take care of it. These services don’t just haul grease away — they also recycle it for use in other industries. This means your restaurant’s impact on the environment is reduced when you work with a grease recycle service.