Avoid these Commonly Made Mistakes with PCBs


Prototype circuit boards

Quick turn PCB specs are often made up because of how fast they are produced. In today’s day and age, a business is always looking for fast results. Turning in the required files for your project is essential to having a successful final result. Having one file that is incorrect or missing can cause a wide range of hassles. Production companies may have to increase the time to start production if they have to adjust files. In this post, you will learn the most common mistake made during PCB production.

  • Missing Gerber File: A Gerber file is a type of language used with circuit board production. Gerber format is a printing standard. However, a few commonly made mistakes can render a Gerber nearly unreadable. Sending through an improperly made Gerber file can halt production and create countless problems. It is wise to check for your Gerber file when preparing all necessary documents for printed circuit boards.
  • Lack of Drill File: This file is extremely important for PCB fabrication. If you don’t have your drill file ready, it will be impossible to figure out where to drill holes. If utilizing both plated and non-plated options, those are often still allowed to be contained within a single drill file.
  • Improper Online of Routing Board: This board is essential for circuitry to match with other elements of a PCB. Quick turn PCB specs will require every proper rout online is turned into a producer. It is important to think of a routing board as a sort of blueprint for circuits. If a proper blueprint isn’t submitted it will make it tough to know where items should be placed.
  • In summary, there are mistakes that are easy to make during PCB production. You will want to make sure you have a proper Gerber file to turn in. If missing a Gerber file, production will most likely be severely impacted. A drill file is essential for machinery to know where drill holes are to be placed. Finally, a routing board matches up circuitry to a board. Ensuring you have these proper files put together and correctly made is a major start to successful PCB production.