Are You Looking for a New Sales Job?


Hiring sales people

After nearly 30 years in computer software and IT sales, the top sales man from one of the leading data storage centers made an unlikely career move. Instead of selling data storage space and disaster recovery services, he would now be selling the academics, athletics, and activities of an expensive private all boys high school. although the career change seemed a little unusual to some, the fact of the matter is good sales people can sell almost anything. And in this case, the former IT sales guy was going to be able to sell the importance of a quality education by raising funds for a school where both he and his son formerly attended.
Hiring great sales people is a challenge and an art form. Sales people by nature are typically very good at selling themselves. The best sales recruiters, however, are able to see through the sales talk and see the other talents that a potential candidate can offer. A recruitment agency must attract the best sales pool so that they can offer these personnel to their clients.
What a Recruiting Agency Looks for in a Sales Person

  • Confidence
    The best sales people find a happy medium between being confident, but approachable. Confidence that comes across as arrogance does not always work in new situations. Without confidence, however, a sales person will not be successful.
  • Qualifications
    It is possible that sales people can move from one business to another, but often the best same people come with the best qualifications. Do they understand the basics of marketing? Have they had training or classes in a variety of sales approaches? Have they worked in a particular industry before or have they done related work?
  • Trainable
    Every sales organization works a little differently, but to have a successful career in sales and marketing a candidate must be willing to follow the advice of the senior sales people and the training team.
  • Numbers
    The best sales candidates can present numbers to show that they have been successful in past positions. Showing proof that a sales person met all target goals in a previous position, for example, is a good indicator that they understand what is asked of them and can perform to a high standard.
  • Communication
    Whether it is through phone calls, emails, one on one meetings, or group presentations, a sales person must be able to communicate. Both verbal and oral communication are key to any sales position. The best performers are able to convey a clear, concise message to both the possible clients, the employer, and any interested recruitment agency.

Sales Recruitment experts also look for many intangibles: adaptability, charisma, confidence, and enthusiasm. The fact that a sales person is flexible and adaptable is important to any recruiting agency. A recruitment agency has to know that the candidate they recommend for a job will have the patience and willingness to adapt from one sales environment to another. An agency also looks for candidates who exude enthusiasm and demonstrate charisma.