A Web Design Alabama Firm Can Greatly Increase Your Web Traffic And Visibility


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There are approximately four billion mobile phones in regular use throughout the world today, and more than a quarter of these phones are smart cell phones. Smart phones are able to access the internet, and many individuals who use these phones access the internet for information, shopping, and other purposes. As such, if you are a business owner, you may want to think about boosting the type of internet marketing that your company is currently using. For example, if your current business website is not compatible for viewing on a mobile smart phone, you may want to seek out Alabama internet marketing companies that can help you redesign your website to cater to these internet users. There are multiple options for web design Alabama, including Huntsville web design. Most of these web design huntsville al providers can assist you in developing a stronger internet presence, which can help you boost sales and visibility.

The “first law of usability” developed by Steve Krug states that internet users do not want to have to think. According to this law, web pages and websites should be self explanatory and easy to navigate, or user friendly. If your business website is currently confusing, or has broken links or graphics, choosing a web design Alabama firm that can help you repair these issues is crucial. Your web design Alabama provider can help you to redesign your entire website for a brand new look, as well. You can hire these individuals to assist you in developing a new company logo or graphics to help attract internet user attention.

Your web design alabama firm can also help you to understand how various internet aspects can help or hurt your internet presence. For example, nearly fifty percent of B2B marketers have reported that they are involved with lead generation. Additionally, after direct website visits, organic searches and paid searches account for nearly forty percent of new customer transactions. Social media also has an intense effect on marketing and web traffic that a company can experience. For example, the popularity of Facebook has significantly increased the visibility for thousands of businesses throughout the globe. For instance, nearly seventy percent of Facebook users have “liked” a brand on Facebook simply because they have noticed that one of their friends has also “liked” the same brand. Developing a Facebook profile with your web design Alabama firm can help boost business.