A Quick Guide for Graphic Design Beginners


If you’re considering a career doing graphic design, it’s best to start doing as much research about the field before committing to a course. This video highlights the fundamentals of this chosen field and what you can expect from a career as a graphic designer.

The Fundamentals of Graphic Design

Graphic design is linked to the marketing industry. The role of a graphic designer is to communicate ads to a brand’s audience visually.

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The key takeaway is that it goes hand-in-hand with marketing. In essence, graphic designers are responsible for shaping and designing the visual identity of a business.

Color plays a crucial role in this field. Understanding how colors can complement or contrast each other in a marketing campaign is essential. Graphic designers understand how color and shapes can convey a message when words aren’t necessary. Essentially, it incorporates a range of colors, shapes, lines, typography, texture, size, and space.

This art is based on various principles. Understanding these principles and their elements will create balance in the design. Some examples include alignment and proximity of objects and typography in the design, repetition, and contrast.

Finally, graphic design employees have an arsenal of tools to help them create their designs and make them come alive. This is an art form, and it’s reserved for those with creative minds. It’s a passion for the visual arts in digital form but also physical.