A Look At Employee Retention Rates And How They Can Be Improved


As many job agencies know, people are having a hard time finding a job that lasts in the workforce, no matter what industry they might be apart of. This is something that can be attributed to a number of factors, and has led to more and more people working for temp agencies and various other job agencies than ever – a number that has now reached and even surpassed three million in this one country alone. After all, job agencies provide the opportunity for workers of all ages and experience levels to work consistently – but without having to commit long term to one place of work or another. For this reason, job agencies have become more popular than ever, and many have even turned to them for staffing solutions and staffing services, as staffing companies is a key role that these job agencies play.

But why exactly are people moving towards working for job agencies and away from dedicated positions at one company? There are a number of likely factors for the recent dips in employee retention, with more than one fifth of all recently hired people actually leaving their new jobs within less than two months of being hired, on average 45 days after first beginning the job in question. Regardless, it is something that is having a tremendous cost for businesses and companies all throughout the United States, with well over $10 billion spent on employee turnover alone over the course of a single year, a number that is only likely to increase if no steps are taken to mitigate it.

For one thing, better hiring processes are necessary in many places of business all throughout the country. Fortunately, on boarding processes can greatly reduce the chances of employees leaving their role, perhaps to go work for the various job agencies and temp services that are consistently on the rise. In fact, thorough on boarding processes have actually been found to lead to a more than 55% increase in overall employee retention among long term employees who had been at the company for at least three years. After all, proper on boarding helps employees of all natures to feel confident and well suited to their job, less adrift and confused than employees who are not able to experience a thorough on boarding process.

In addition to this, better screening employees is also essential. Fortunately, this has become easier as time passes on and almost everyone engages with social media platforms to at least some extent. For many people, getting or not getting a job can hinge almost entirely on their social media platform. After all, more than 90% of all hiring professionals, for individual companies and job agencies alike, now search such platforms before seriously considering someone as a candidate. This has certainly been quite helpful indeed for weeding out those who would end up being less than desirable candidates for any number of reasons.

Simply providing a diverse environment to work in has also been found to have a tremendously positive effect on the lives of many employees, making it much more likely that they stick it out for the long haul. And the benefits of including and incorporating a great deal of diversity into any given working area are truly and utterly immense. After all, companies that make an emphasis on gender diversity will actually outperform various companies that do not by as much as a full 15%. In addition to this, companies that incorporate ethnic diversity to meaningful levels will outperform non diverse companies by a full 35%, which is certainly no small amount by any means. Therefore, diversity matters for so many different reasons that there is no reason it shouldn’t be present in just about every workplace out there, in all areas and corners of the workforce as we know it today.

Employee retention rates show a problem in many different industries and places of business and of work. Fortunately, there are certainly ways that these problems can be thoroughly addressed and even corrected entirely. For many people and in many places of work, rectifying such matters will make working life much better indeed.