A Day in the Orthodontists Office


Exploring a new workspace is always a fun experience, even for adults. While “take your child to work day” is for children, adults have things like “home tours” and “a day in the life” videos to take a look into other people’s’ lives. Some of the most complicated and detailed workplaces are in the medical industry, with thousands of different tools, instruments, medications, and machines. An orthodontic office is no exception, with seemingly countless items used for patients old and young. In this video, we will take a walk through an orthodontist office and get a behind-the-scenes look at what happens there.

The first and most important area in the orthodontic practice is the disinfecting station. As you can see in this video, there are multiple vats of disinfectant chemicals in place to make cleaning of instruments quick and easy.

Video Source

Next, the bonding cart holds all of the tools necessary to bond brackets, as well as the physical brackets in paper sets. There is a seperate area for the lab technicians, who focus on building casts of patients’ teeth. This is just the tip of the orthodontic iceberg, and these offices have so much more powerful equipment than we could hope to know in a single video!