A Closer Look At The Many Advantages of Flying Privately Here In the United States


Flying is something that many of us have done, both for business purposes as well as for purposes of vacations and pleasure trips as well. Flying, after all, is an incredibly effective way to get from one place to the next, and there’s no denying the fact that flying as a form of transportation has taken off (pun not intended) since its inception about a century ago. Of course, flying is now more effective and efficient – and safe – than ever before, but this does not, unfortunately, mean that it is always easy.

After all, anyone who has ever traveled through a major commercial airport and on a major commercial airline can certainly attest to this fact. For most travelers who choose to fly, making their way through the airport can be laborious and slow going. For many people, scheduling at least an hour of time to check baggage and go through security becomes necessary, depending on the time of the year, the time of day, and the airport that they are flying out of. For most people flying, the lines for security and the process of going through security are no less than dreaded. Flying out of a typical commercial airline can be a big game of hurry up and wait for many people all throughout the country.

Of course, issues can arise on the other end of things as well, once the flight has actually reached its destination. Not only can the process of actually getting off the plane take a good amount of time (depending on a variety of factors), but the process of getting baggage can also be long winded and difficult. This will especially be the case if the baggage from your flight is delayed, something that happens far more frequently than many people actually even realize. In addition to this, items of baggage and luggage are actually sometimes lost and, while the airline will typically reimburse the flyer who this has happened to, lost baggage can completely derail just about any kind of trip, from the personal to the professional.

And the actual process of flying is often far from ideal when a commercial flight is taken, particularly for those who are traveling for business. In fact, the average person traveling for business purposes will find that their overall levels of productivity will drop by as much as 47% over the duration of the flight. In many cases, these productivity levels will not recover fully for quite some time even after the flight has come to an end.

Fortunately, flying on a private jet flight on one of the many types of private jets currently operation in the United States could solve many of the woes of flying commercially. After all, the private jet flight has become more popular and commonplace than ever before. As a matter of fact, there are as many as 12,000 private aircrafts found all throughout the United States, a number that already sat at just over 11,000 by the time that we had reached the year of 2011, now almost a full decade ago. These types of private planes provide the ideal private jet flight experience – and the typical private jet flight experience is far better than what any commercial flyer could even think to dream of.

After all, the private jet flight experience can be ideal for traveling businessmen and women. A private jet flight can boost productivity by as much as 20%, which is certainly quite impressive by just about any means here in the United States. And this productivity is not just boosted in comparison of the private jet flight to the typical commercial flight, but in general. For many people traveling for business reasons, flying on a private jet flight is likely to be the ideal mode of travel.

And the typical private jet flight is likely to avoid major airports as well, as up to 35% of all business flights on private planes will fly into secondary airports, with less than 20% of such flights flying into major commercial ones instead.