5 Reasons to Utilize Direct Mail Marketing


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Statistics from the United States Postal Service found that 84% of millennials still take the time to go through each piece of mail. You’ll want to ensure your business is working with a provider of printing services. Print services help businesses reach their audience through the right mailing campaigns. You’ll notice many of the ideas you’re about to see involve standing out. The last thing you want is to have a standard mailer that customers easily miss. Direct mail marketing companies have helped many businesses create successful mailing campaigns. Here are five ideas that update your direct mail marketing efforts.

  1. Use Larger than Average Packaging

    You don’t have to spend outrageous shipping costs trying to send giant boxes to every home. However, it’s wise to ensure what you’re sending is larger than a standard envelope. It’s far too easy for someone to, intentionally or not, throw out standard sized envelopes. Statistics show that oversized postcards have the highest overall response rate at 5%.
  2. Include an Object in the Envelope

    If you want to have a high open rate with your next mailing effort, place something inside of each envelope. You don’t need to include a costly item, anything that creates a bump in an envelope works perfectly. It’s wise to take this opportunity to include an item with your brand featured on it. Having branded items work well to create additional advertising opportunities wherever this item is used.
  3. Don’t Be Too Wordy

    It’s understandable to want customers to stay informed of every feature your business offers. However, you don’t want to create something too wordy that comes across as boring to read. It’s best to design a mailer so that it can be easily skimmed, allowing readers in a hurry to know relevant information right away. It’s common to highlight information concerning new products or updated pricing in big and bold lettering.
  4. Place a CTA on the Envelope

    A CTA or call to action is often used in the world of advertising. It’s important to have print services place a call to action on the envelopes of marketing mail. For instance, a company offering coupons could tell the customer to open now for instant savings. The average response rate for direct mail is 3.7%, higher than mobile, email, and social media combined. You don’t want to miss out on the huge potential for new customers through direct mail marketing.
  5. Provide Customers with Benefits

    It’s important to offer some form of reward for customers. Many businesses will include coupons or other opportunities to save on a product or service. Print services will help ensure your business utilizes the right savings techniques.

In closing, there are many great ways to update your direct mail marketing efforts. One great way to stand out is by including larger than average packaging. Sending larger envelopes easily allows your mailers to stand out from the pack. Another way to have customers open envelopes is to include an item inside. The point of including an item is to increase intrigue the eyes of a consumer. If you’ve gotten a customer to open your mail, don’t lose them by being too wordy. You’ll want to focus attention on what your company provides to a customer. It’s wise to enlist the help of a print services company to help improve your direct mail efforts.