5 Reasons to Start Direct Mailings


In today’s digital age you may wonder whether there’s any benefit to sending direct mail postcards and other mailings to potential customers. Isn’t a direct mail campaign a thing of the past? Are there any useful direct-mail strategies? Here are give reasons that you should be using a direct mail marketing campaign and building a relationship with the right direct mail and printing company.

It’s Targeted

When you do a direct mailing you’re really choosing to whom and where you want things sent. Because you’re targeting individuals more intentionally, your chances of getting a good response go up. In fact, oversized postcards produced by a direct mail and printing company have a 5% greater response rate than any other way of reaching out. The next two most responded to advertisement methods are also direct mails: regular postcards and dimensional mailings.

It’s Personal

direct mailing feels far more personal than an email does. The fact that you took time to contact the direct mail and printing company and have something designed, printed, and directly mailed out makes the recipient feel a lot more special. Everyone likes to see what’s in the mailbox, and when things are targeted at specific needs they are always welcome. In fact, 92% of shoppers in a recent survey said that they preferred using direct mail when making purchasing decisions.

It’s Reliable

There’s just something about being able to hold a printed thing in your hands that makes it far more tangible than something delivered electronically. A full 90% of millennial’s reported in a recent survey that they found direct mail advertising to be reliable. They don’t feel so strongly about digital advertising. What you’re designing and sending conveys a sense of authority and trustworthiness that can’t be gotten in any other way.

It’s Integrated

One of the best things about direct mailing is that you can integrate the campaign with a wide variety of other marketing strategies. You can add QR codes or coupons to your mailers. You can release a direct mailing at the same time as you release a strategic radio ad, so that potential customers hear about your product or services at the same time as they see it and read about it. And people like the direct mailers because they know they’re more likely to use a voucher you had made by your direct mail and printing company. They can hold it in their hand and they won’t forget about it, unlike coupons that come to their email and phones.

It’s Enlightening

When you have a mailer printed up and sent out, it serves to raise brand awareness. Even if someone tosses it out pretty quickly, almost everyone will take a moment to glance at it. That’s a moment for your brand logo or your website to stick in their head. A study done by the United States Postal Service found that 60% of people who receive direct mailings were influenced by those to visit a website.

Direct mailings are a great way to give potential customers a personal, tangible way of connecting with you and your brand. Direct mailings feel reliable and can be targeted effectively; they raise awareness of your brand and can integrate with your other marketing strategies. If you haven’t yet gotten printing professionals to help you design the best mailers, then isn’t it time you got started?