5 Important SEO Trends for Your Digital Marketing Team

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One of the biggest challenges for your digital marketing team is predicting the changes in SEO that will be significant in any given year. No one can nail every prediction perfectly, but digital marketing is so crucial to a company brand that keeping an ear to the ground for SEO and how that will affect web design and social media is crucial. Here, then, are five important SEO predictions for 2018:

  1. Organic search engine results are going to continue to fall. Search engines have been changing things up. Run a search these days, and instead of seeing one or two paid links and then a good bunch of quality organic clinks, you’re instead going to see a colorful page full of rich snippets, paid results, articles, reviews, and even knowledge graphs. What does this mean for the digital marketing team? They need to keep up with rankings in those features and monitor them for keywords that might be stealing traffic from your site. Find out if there’s way to get your site in a featured snippet or a local pack.
  2. Keep working on your structured data to increase click-through-rates. Having rich snippets and others of the newest SERP features enhances your search listings and could actually increase CTR by as much as 30%.
  3. Some of the big social media platforms will follow the trends of reducing traffic out. Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram have already taken this step, limiting content that contains links that go off their own sites and rewarding content that keeps people there. Their platforms grew when they made this change, so it’s likely LinkedIn and Twitter are thinking about doing it, too. Digital marketing services will need to take this into consideration when designing social media marketing campaigns.
  4. Speed is essential, and your website has to deliver. The digital marketing team has to prioritize speed because the web has become the battle of the swiftest. A website needs to say all the important stuff in three seconds or less, because 40% of viewers leave if a site takes longer than that to load. Bounce rates spike to 100% at four or more seconds, and to 150% at eight or more seconds.
  5. Get ahead of the game and make sure that your mobile site is strong. It’s already the case that a site that hasn’t been updated in two years obsolete. The newest trend has been towards prioritizing sites that are mobile friendly. Recent research shows that 62% of businesses that made their websites designed for mobile use saw increased sales as a result of that decision. This might be the year that signals which used to only concern searches originating from mobile devices start to impact all searches from any device. The digital marketing team needs to make sure your site is ahead of the game on this one.

It has always been a challenge to keep up with changes in the digital universe. Now more than ever, it’s important to hire the right digital marketing team to ensure that your web presence is strong and profitable.