4 Tips for Choosing a New Church Sign


While constructing a church, it’s wise to not neglect the importance of effective signage. On the other hand, it’s also understandable for current church owners to want to update older signs. Regardless of your reasons, a new church sign can help grow your congregation. In this post, you’ll learn how to choose the right type of signage for your church.

The Importance of Church Signage

Certain church leaders might be unaware of how beneficial it is to have signage. However, it’s important to think of signage as a way to spread the word of your church. One study found that 35% of those surveyed would have never discovered a business had it not been for their sign. You certainly wouldn’t want this large portion of people being unable to discover your church. With that in mind, here are three important criteria for choosing the perfect church sign.

Choosing the Right Sized Sign

It’s wise to think about the size of your church’s sign. One study found that 26% wrote down a phone number obtained from an outdoor sign. Without the right sized sign, important contact information is easy for people to miss. Of course, you’ll want something that’s easily readable. However, you don’t want to choose a sign that’s too large. In order to avoid this problem, you’ll need to think of your church’s size. It’s best to have a sign that’s proportionate to your church building.

Matching This Sign to Your Church

You’ll want signage that matches with your church. For instance, brick signs look great next to churches made from this same material. This isn’t a rule you have to follow, but it does create a more uniform appearance. You could also choose a sign that matches the color of your church while being made from different materials.

Communicating with Your Congregation

An important aspect of many churches is being able to reach the public. Fortunately, church marquee signs make this goal easy to achieve. If you’re wanting to avoid switching out letters throughout the week, consider digital signage. A wide range of church marquee signs typically use LED lighting. This type of lighting lasts longer than traditional bulbs while using less energy. In addition, LED lights look great on multiple types of church marquee signs. Considering that, it’s no wonder that experts predict LED lighting will achieve a 53% penetration of the global lighting market by 2019.

In conclusion, it’s extremely important to choose the right type of signage for your church. If you’re ready to complete this task, you’ll want to contact a signage company that creates signs for churches. This allows you to speak with someone who understands your church’s needs. After your sign is finished, you’ll likely begin seeing new people sitting in your church’s pews.