4 Things Every Cleaner Should Strive For


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Having a restaurant cleaning job or office cleaning service company or school cleaning services, or whatever type of janitorial services that you offer can be a difficult business to get into. There are many things that people are looking for when they hire a cleaning service, no matter where it is that your company will be taking care of. Janitorial responsibilities are important to keep track of and your employees should know exactly what the businesses and schools or churches are looking for when your company is hired. It’s crucial that every employee take his or her janitorial responsibilities seriously as they will be representing your company at every turn. Here are a few things that everyone wants from a cleaning crew:

Honesty and Trustworthiness
This is the number one sought after attribute. It can be thought of as janitorial responsibilities because it’s so important to the work. Generally speaking, a cleaning crew or person will be there after hours, alone, with access to the entire building. It’s important that the business that is hiring your company be able to trust the person that is there. If anything goes missing or wrong, the cleaner working should have a good enough reputation that the owner will be able to take his or her word for the fact that they had nothing to do with whatever happened. They must be honest about their work and have a trustworthy character always.

Thoroughness and Perfectionism
Professional cleaning should always stand out from the average person’s ability. Janitorial responsibilities should include jobs that the normal person wouldn’t think of, but make a big difference. There’s no point in hiring a cleaning company if the people working in the office could do the same thing for free. There should be an element of pride in their work, leaving no spec un-dusted and no corner un-vacuumed. Being a perfectionist is actually a great characteristic to have when going about cleaning duties. Each worker needs to be thorough in their work and make sure that it gets done and the place is noticeable cleaner the following work day.

Responsibility and Carefulness
Workers also need to be responsible and careful because at times, they will be cleaning keepsakes or fragile items. If they are not paying attention or are distracted, they could end up breaking something and costing your company a lot of money in damage repair or replacement. Some items are irreplaceable and you don’t want your company to be liable for something like that. Make sure that every employee on your staff takes their job seriously and is extremely careful when cleaning other people’s things. They need to remember that this stuff belongs to someone else and while it may mean nothing to them, it could be this other person’s entire world. Art galleries and museums are not the only places with expensive crafts. Even offices and churches or schools can sometimes have items that need careful handling.

Focus and Concentration
There’s nothing wrong with listening to music, if your company allows that, while they clean. But, the problem comes when the worker gets so engrossed in their music or whatever else they are doing and doesn’t pay attention to detail. Being focused also means being detail oriented so the cleaner needs to be able to see even the smallest of finite details when it comes to their cleaning. They should not allow themselves to become distracted with other things while they are working, even if they are not being watched by their boss at all times. They should be able to work alone without being micromanaged.

Basically, what it comes down to, is your employees should be adults about working. They should take their job seriously or they should find another line of work. Cleaning someone else’s environment is a very personal and intimate line of work. There is a lot that you can find out about someone when you clean and the people that hire you do not expect to be judged or made fun of because of the things they hold dear. If you find that you have an employee that is doing this, your first course of action should be to replace them with someone who can be more mature and responsible.