4 Smart Ideas for Increasing Customer Traffic


It’s the dream of many to start their own business. Considering that, many of these individuals achieve this goal by opening up their own stores. While having your own retail location is great, having a steady stream of customers is another story. However, implementing a few creative ideas might solve this problem. Statistics show that 82% of consumers make their purchasing decisions while inside of a store. Considering that, here are four ideas to increase your store’s amount of customer traffic.

  1. Embrace Tech

    If your store isn’t effectively utilizing technology, it’s time to start. You don’t need a large budget or an immense understanding of technology. Certain companies might utilize the latest tech to provide customers with touchscreen displays and similar items. If you’re not wanting to go that far, consider placing a few large televisions in your store. Instead of displaying what’s on television, use these items to advertise your company. Many businesses utilize televisions to exclusively advertise products, sales, and other events.
  2. The Value of Landscaping

    It’s important to attract customers before they enter your store. With that in mind, you’ll want to consider a bit of landscaping. Fortunately, this won’t be anything as extensive as landscaping an entire yard. However, it’s wise to touch up outdoor spaces leading to your building. A professionally landscaped front path easily entices customers to enter your business. If you really want to give customers a pleasant experience, consider placing a few plants or flowers inside of your building. This appeals to the senses, creating a more pleasant experience for your customers.
  3. Learning Where Customers Often Look

    Statistics show that the cost to reach 1,000 adults with a 30 second television commercial averages anywhere between $4.05-$7.75 per person. On the other hand, the cost per person to reach the same audience with displays or signs averages less expensive costs of $0.03-$0.37 per adult. Therefore, it’s imperative for store owners to utilize retail displays. Unfortunately, many business owners are unaware of where customers are looking. Industry experts recommend focusing on 45 degree angles while placing retail display fixtures. Keep this in mind while thinking of retail display ideas. After implementing your retail display ideas, walk around the store to make sure these items will be seen at 45 degree angles.
  4. Seating for Your Shopper’s Guests

    Almost everyone can remember going into a store they had no interest in. For instance, children aren’t going to enjoy shopping for clothes with mom. On the other hand, women might feel bored inside a store that primarily caters to men. In order to appease the non shoppers, consider having a seating area set up. These areas keep people relaxed and entertained, ensuring no shopping trips are cut short by nagging guests. In addition, this idea helps to increase foot traffic. Many consumers are understandably wary of walking into an empty retail store. However, seeing people shopping and relaxing in your store helps entice new customers.

To summarize, it’s important for any retail store to have a steady stream of customers. However, it’s hard to achieve this goal without making a few important changes. Statistics gathered from a 2011 report found that 86% of consumers will pay more money in order to have a better shopping experience. An important aspect of appealing to customers is offering retail displays. If you’re unable to come up with unique retail display ideas, consider contacting a signage company. In turn, you’ll be able to utilize custom retail displays.