4 Benefits of Backlit Signs and Banners


Store owners have their job cut out for them. They must decide what is the best way to draw customers into their store, and get them to try certain products. There are many ways that this can be accomplished, but times change constantly which means that it can be a full time job keeping up with the latest technology. If can leave someone wondering if it really is worth it or not.

Did you know that almost three quarters of people actually look at those signs on the side of the road? Did you also know that local consumers can be exposed to a new product approximately 50 to 60 times a month with a properly placed attention grabbing sign? Did you also know that almost three quarters of people see the quality of business of an establishment to be as good as the quality of their signage? Still wondering if it’s worth all the time and effort to keep up with technology? It is beneficial in many ways, read below to see four main benefits of backlit signs and banners for your establishment.

Inside or Outside

Custom backlit signs can be used inside or outside. These custom banners or signs will display whatever information you want inside the store to draw a point of sale purchase. Use them outside without fear of the weather harming them or making them wear out sooner than they should.

Night Time Visibility

These banners and signs are perfect to use if you get a lot of traffic passing by at night. They are easy to see and can easily draw in customers. Drivers will be able to spot them easily while traveling causing them to want to stop there before going anywhere else. Use bright colors to draw even more attention to your signs.

Saves Electricity

Since backlit banners appear to be illuminated on their own, there is no need for extra electricity to be used to illuminate them. The best way to illuminate these signs is for the sun to hit them. Natural light makes them the brightest, but even without sunlight, other light sources can be used at night so that customers will still be able to see your signs.

Attention Grabbing

The images on a backlit sign or banner will catch more people’s attention than other traditional ways of printing. The images appear sharper and appear to be more dimensional compared with a flat printed banner. This can help you achieve short term goals, such as hiring or new products.

Keeping up with the times sometimes can be a hassle, and sometimes can make you wonder if it is worth it, but the outcome will be well worth it. Taking the time to choose the right sign can increase visibility and sales. Choose the right sign and reap the benefits.