3 Important Sources to Ask Donations From


Donations of clothing

The virtual world created by the internet has simplified how people relate and interact with one another. It has brought endless possibilities in doing business. With the same spirit, the internet has made it almost effortless for individuals and organization to amass donations for many different charitable projects. The good thing about this platform is that you get to reach many donors whom you are limited geographically. If you are lucky or convincing enough, these donors might just contribute something to your quest.

However, sometimes you need to get your boots on the ground and pool donations in person. This is an effective approach if you are looking for donations within your area as it eliminates a lot of misunderstanding associated with non-human communication channels. Also, by meeting donors in person, you are able to foster healthy and long-term relationships for even more donations in the future. Still, this can be a daunting experience, especially if it’s your first time to ask for donations. Not only do you have to explain the idea behind your project, but you also have to convince them to make contributions, whether monetary or other forms of donations. It can be a really challenging endeavor.

Your nonprofit organization needs charitable donations to ensure it continues to support its mission and vision. Whether you are helping families in need in society, protecting the environment, or changing the world one person at a time, you need all help you can get. But you can’t sit and wait for good Samaritans to come your way. You’ll have to knock a few doors and ask for them! Here are few sources you can ask donations from.

Individual Donations
What an easy way to ask for contributions! Individuals are your first line of hope when looking for donations. Whether they donate $100 or a dollar each, the collective amount can go a long way to support your nonprofit. Note that individuals have different capabilities. Some may choose to support you through household or clothing donations while other may find it necessary to write you a cheque. Either way, they are donations and should be appreciated. The secret to appealing to individuals heart is being straightforward and transparent in your dealings. This will make to trust you and generously donate.

Business Donations
Businesses are always looking for opportunities to give back to the communities. Take this advantage and approach any business for donations. Your fundraising program can benefit a lot from corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives by businesses. Similar to asking for individual donations, asking businesses to support you nonprofit isn’t a walk in the park. For this reason, it’s vital to prepare a request of everything you need, whether it’s goods, services or money. After coordinating your requests, get to know the company you are seeking donations from. It’s important to understand how the business operates in regards to donations and if possible, find out their previous donations. This will help you establish businesses that are willing to work and honor your requests.

Foundations Donations
Another source for looking for donations is the non-profit entity. Foundations are known to support other organizations propel their mission. They can grant you monetary support or other kinds of donations based on your request and the eligibility of your cause. If you are running a non-profit organization, a foundation can outrightly contribute to your cause without any question, provided your missions align. But in case a foundation needs more convincing, application for the grant has to be done.

Finally, when you are out there looking for donations, whether you’ve managed to secure contributions or not, remember to appreciate every response a long the way. Simply say “thank you” and perhaps you’ll be creating a room for any future donations.