3 Benefits of Audio Based Intrusion Detection


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Having a business is one the greatest joys in life. Unfortunately, one burglar can rob your business of everything in a matter of moments. If you live in areas known for crime, you may find your business is repeatedly targeted. It’s essential that you keep your business protected against criminals. Every business owner wants to avoid what is known as inventory shrink. Inventory shrink is what happens when a store lose inventory either through employee or outside theft. Statistics show that 48% of inventory shrink is caused by shoplifting. One great way to keep your company protected against inventory shrink is through implementing business security systems.

Burglaries are Devastating for Businesses

Alarm systems for businesses are extremely important to have. It’s overwhelming to think about your business being robbed but it can happen. Unfortunately, many don’t worry about protecting their business until it is far too late. It’s not wise to wait until after you’ve been robbed to begin thinking about an alarm system. You’ll want to stay protected from criminals before they strike. Statistics from the Global Retail Theft Barometer estimate that retailers in North American lose $5 billion each year due to stolen inventory.

Benefits of Having an Audio Based Intrusion System

Many businesses prefer the safety of an audio-based intrusion detection system. You’ve likely seen multiple types of protection methods for a business to utilize. Many business owners prefer the safety and accuracy of an audio-based intrusion detection system. An audio based intrusion detection system connects your business to a representative when trouble strikes. Here are three important reasons to implement an intrusion detection system for your business.

  1. Reduction in Lost Merchandise

    A large number of robberies will be stopped if intruders know they’re being recorded. Statistics show that over 50% of intruders will leave the premises if an alarm is discovered. A quality intrusion detection system helps to ensure criminals are closely monitored. The data collection from an intrusion detection system is beneficial for helping to put criminals behind bars.
  2. Peace of Mind of Having a Guarded Business

    The life of a business owner is one filled with things to do. It’s understandable to want to feel at peace when you’ve left your business for the day. Having an audio-based intrusion detection system in place lets you feel protected when it’s time to lock up. You can carry on with your life while outside of the office much easier knowing that your business is protected. It’s understandable for a business owner to want to avoid false alarms. Luckily, audio based intrusion detection systems are monitored by real people. You can rest assured representatives will be able to tell the difference between a false alarm and an actual robbery.
  3. Protection During Business Hours

    Not every robbery happens after closing time. Unfortunately, thieves can try to make their way into your building during business hours. You’ll want to follow along with whatever is needed of you during a robbery. Many intrusion systems can be activated by the business owner. Touching one button may mean that a robbery is listened to by an outside source who can send help. There have been instances where intrusion detection systems have foiled many robberies in the past. An audio-based intrusion detection system can provide a valuable line of communication during a burglary.

In summary, there are several advantages of audio based intrusion detection. Having an intrusion detection system in place helps prevent robberies. A robbery can be devastating for both a business and its owner. You’ll likely feel better about locking up for the day while having intrusion protection for your business. Audio based intrusion detectors are beneficial even while a business is robbed during operational hours. It’s wise to utilize intrusion protection in order to ensure your business remains safe.