Vibration Control in Manufacturing

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In manufacturing, accuracy is everything. With so many moving parts, a deviation of a fraction of a millimeter can ruin an entire run of pieces. Vibration control is an essential part of any manufacturing project, especially large scale projects and dedicated facilities. Here are just a few places where vibrations can interfere with a project, and a few suggestions on how to control them.

  • Balance of Spinning Parts. Any piece of machinery with spinning parts (such as a drill, a centrifuge, or really any electrical generator or motor) can cause unnecessary vibration if not aligned and balanced properly. A slipped bearing can also send a spinning part off of center. Make sure every machine with spinning parts is running smoothly and efficiently. If you detect any deviation in the normal operation, have the machine serviced immediately, as continued operation will only increase the likelihood of damage or injury.
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  • Vibrations Near Cutting Tools. Even a perfectly running motor may transmit vibration through the floor to a nearby cutting tool. This can cause deviations in the accuracy of the cuts, but is also easily eliminated. By placing the nearby motor or the cutting tool itself on vibration mounts or anti vibration pads, you can isolate any vibrations before they are transmitted or before they reach the base of the cutting tool.
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  • Large Scale Vibration Control. Depending on the scale of the work your facility performs, you may need more than just a vibration mount here or there. Sometimes an entire section, and even the entire facility itself, may require vibration control. Retrofitting a facility with base mounted compression springs can be a complicated process, though not impossible. The ideal scenario, however, is to anticipate the need for large scale vibration control during the design phase of your facility, so you can install the compression springs during construction.

A certain amount of vibration is a natural byproduct of any manufacturing process. Doing all you can to minimize or even eliminate vibrations before they compromise your accuracy and production value is the best way to protect your bottom line and your reputation.