More Durable and More Efficient Water Tower Coolers Are Your Company’s Answer

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How cooling towers work

Water cooling towers are a part of our lives virtually every day. Whenever you go to work or shop at a big box store you are likely to be the recipient of their efficiency, so much so that you likely do not even notice them.

A cooling tower is a heat exchanger. Inside the cooling tower system, heat is taken from the water by contact between the water and the air. This heat transfer will occur through the exchange of heat between the air and water through evaporation of a small part of the water that needs to be cooled. The water is cooled down to a temperature which is lower than the ambient temperature. If you see the chimneys of water cooler towers the mist coming from the chimney is not smoke. It is regular steam and has the same makeup as a regular cloud in the sky.

Cooling tower systems were fi