Earth’s Polluted Water Problem

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Oil and water separators

What happens to our wastewater? How do we take polluted or dirty water and turn it into clean water? What wastewater remediation plans are the most effective?

  • Understanding the Situation: Our Earth is covered in water. We all know this from science class and the pictures we?ve seen from space. What most people don?t know is that only 3% of that water is actually fresh, and, of that, only 1% is fit for drinking. Nearly all of that is drinkable, fresh water is groundwater, which is water that sits underground rather than above like a river or lake. In the United States, 95% of our available fresh water is groundwater.

    One reason so little of the world?s fresh water is fit to drink is because 70% of the world?s industrial waste ends up polluting our fresh water. It g