Prepare for Emergencies with an Optimal Fire Suppression System and Fire Evacuation Plan

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If you own or manage a high-rise residential or business operations building, were you aware that over half of high-rise fires occur in apartments, hotels, offices, and medical facilities? Given this, it’s imperative that you have fully-functioning fire suppression systems and a thorough fire evacuation plan.

A survey was recently conducted with 119 businesses. It was found that just 35% of these businesses had some type of fire evacuation plan in place. It’s been shown that when a business or residential building has on-site personnel that are trained in fire response, it can have a positive impact on avoiding and detecting fires.

According to the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) “FAQs about building evacuation,” there are several key elements involved with preparing

Choose the Right Fire Protection System for Your Business

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One of the biggest issues for businesses these days is what kind of commercial fire protection system to use. Not only are such devices important to ensure the safety of people visiting or working in your business, but they also can have a big effect on what you pay for insurance.

You may have never experienced a fire and may not see the need to have a commercial fire protection system, but you never know what can happen. For example, fires in hotels and motels kill about 15 people in a year and cause about $75 million in damage. That’s not a very big number considering how many hotels there are and how many people stay in them each year, but that’s likely indicative of the fact that hotels are required to have fire protection systems. There also are more than 6,000 fires at healthcare facilities e