Donating Clothes to Charity — How You Can Make a Difference for People in Need

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Donations to purple heart

While a lot of people have philanthropic tendencies, and really want to do their bit for society, lack of time and opportunity often serve as deterrents. There are many different ways you can help people in need, and quite a few of them would require you to put in significant amounts of time and effort. Unfortunately, with the fast and busy lives that people lead nowadays, it might prove to be difficult to take that time out. If you are looking for a way to help people in need without running into much inconvenience or expending much time, one of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to donate clothes to charity organizations.

Clothes can be extremely easy to donate. Most people would be likely to already have some old clothes at home, and instead of throwing them away, donating them to charit

Do Your Children Appreciate How Fortunate How They Are?

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Helping disabled veterans

It is an end of summer transition that really matters.
Every summer as the last few weeks wind down before the start of school, your children start to talk about back to school shopping. They are anxious for new clothes, new shoes, and, of course, new school supplies. Three years ago, however, you came up with the most excellent plan. Before you took them shopping for anything new for the upcoming school year you worked with them to clean out their closets. You threw away some things, but many outgrown items were still in really good condition so you set those aside in a donation pile. Once the closet cleaning concluded, you and the kids went to an area shelter where you could donate your gently used items. On at least two occasions, you were also able to find a volunteer opportunity for the kids