Resolve to Stay Organized This Year

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As we find ourselves in the midst of February, you might begin to notice that everyone around you is slipping up on their New Year’s Resolutions. Take Jerry, the copy boy who swore he would stop swearing. Meanwhile, you hear his not-so-eloquent “F” Bombs floating across the quiet space of your office building. And then there’s Esmerelda, your cranky older cousin who swore off carbohydrates for the year. And after growing even more cranky one week sans-bread, you caught her stuffing her face with bread rolls at Uncle Carl’s 65th birthday party last night.
Sigh. When will we ever learn to keep our resolutions? What’s wrong with us? It’s not that humans are incapable of making longlasting change in our life. It’s the fact that we start too big, or we seek to fix the wrong things. So instead of pledging