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Oh Ship! How Shipping Containers Could Solve the Low-Cost Housing Crisis

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Nationwide container sales

From rural areas to the luxurious urban neighborhoods of San Francisco and the hustle and bustle of New York City, the ability for Americans to get a foothold on the property ladder is increasingly in question, especially for those from low-income families. Debates about the affordability of housing surface in news debates on an almost daily basis, as millennials struggle with a housing market that is increasingly difficult to penetrate even at the lowest levels of the property market. There is a potential solution, in a rather unlikely place. Repurposing steel cargo containers could play a vital role in addressing that gap, bringing affordable multi-functional housing to the masses.

An Urban Institute report recently found that the crisis in affordable housing is impacting every part of the U

Preventing Industrial Machine Malfunctions

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Gearbox rebuild kits

It is a process that can ground many manufacturers: a gearbox creating excessive noise or vibration, an issue involving the process of making steel, or issues with natural gas, which may be have transported in an unsafe or unsanitary manner.

These issues are large for those that work in manufacturing and often require immediate attention, putting a dent into output for the manufacturer. Often, this can affect the companies that manufacture industrial machines. In 2010, the United States by itself exported industrial machines to the value of around $42.7 billion.

And machinery manufacturing shipments totaled $407 billion or 7.1% of all manufacturing shipments in 2012.

Steel is a common material used when manufacturing industrial machines. It is a vital material needed for the functioning of

What Your Organization Should Know About Groundwater Remediation

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Remediation equipment

As a modern corporation, environmental consciousness is essential. But even though you do everything you can to protect the surrounding area from pollution, accidents do happen. If your organization recently had an incident that may have polluted the surrounding groundwater, taking action to address this dirty water is essential. This is where a solid remediation plan comes in.

Groundwater remediation will help the community around you get clean water even after a pollution event. Through groundwater environmental services, you can clean up the area around your organization and start fresh.

The Most Common Types Of Remediation

Environmental remediation contractors are available for a variety of remediation services. The followi

6 FAQs about Food Crushers

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Vibratory screeners

Food crusher machines are very important in certain industries. If you?re thinking about breaking into the machine manufacturer industry or just want to learn more about these crushers, hopefully this will help.

Here are some common questions people have about these strong machines.

Are food crushers often called anything else?

Though specific food machines are made for food alone, they are also commonly referred to as garbage disposal units, waste disposal units, or garbage disposers.

What are these crushers used for?

These devices are usually electrically powered and installed u

Drastically Improve Productivity with Organizational Training

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Leadership development

Did you know that less than one-third of all working Americans are fully engaged in their jobs in a given year. There is no replacement for effective management, yet research shows that companies fail to hire effective managers over eighty percent of the time.

While resumes can be very impressive, they do not always communicate the applicants soft skills. Soft skills include work ethic, dependability, positive attitude, self-motivation, team-orientation, and organizational skills. These are the skills that allow people to communicate effectively, build positive work relationships, and solve problems.

Organizational training

How Long Has It Been Since You Tested the Fire Alarms in Your Home or Business?

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Fire alarm installation tampa

Fire alarm systems are an essential part of safety plans for homes, apartments, businesses, hospitals, schools, churches, and other places. Finding a fire alarm system that can help keep families, workers, and patients safe is obviously the ultimate goal. From the initial fire alarm installations to the required fire alarm inspections to any needed fire alarm repairs, it is essential that all directions are followed to make sure that everyone who is involved is as safe as possible.
Unfortunately, the news often features individual homes, large warehouses, and other buildings that are not up to code with the latest fire alarm systems. As the nation continues to work toward the goal of making more and more property owners be responsible for the safety of their workers, it should come as no sur

How Many Times A Month Do You Order Online?

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Dominicana air freight

From door to door delivery to air and ocean logistics, our world depends on the jobs that purchasing agents perform. From finding the right supplier to making sure that deliveries arrive on time, purchasing agent duties are essential to companies of all sizes. Whether you are waiting for a small box of makeup that you have ordered your daughter or you are planning to order prepared ingredients for meals to be delivered to your home every week, the delivery of the goods that you order is important.
What Is a Purchasing Agent’s Role in a Small Company?
In a small company, a purchasing agent may have a pretty wide range of tasks. From finding vendors to ordering supplie

3 Benefits of Audio Based Intrusion Detection

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Video surveillance cameras

Having a business is one the greatest joys in life. Unfortunately, one burglar can rob your business of everything in a matter of moments. If you live in areas known for crime, you may find your business is repeatedly targeted. It’s essential that you keep your business protected against criminals. Every business owner wants to avoid what is known as inventory shrink. Inventory shrink is what happens when a store lose inventory either through employee or outside theft. Statistics show that 48% of inventory shrink is caused by shoplifting. One great way to keep your company protected against inventory shrink is through implementing business security systems.

Burglaries are Devastating for Businesses

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Development of Tungsten Carbide and Its Growing Popularity in the United States

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Tungsten tri-cone bits

Have you ever bought or sold tungsten scrap? Whether you?re in the jewelry industry or you work for a company that deals with industrial machines, you probably know quite a it about tungsten carbide scrap and the best tungsten carbide scrap price. How much do you know about tungsten carbide itself and scrap carbide recycling? The more you know about this special chemical compound, the more you can use it to your company?s advantage when trying to find the best tungsten carbide scrap price to sell your carbide or to buy tungsten carbide.

Interested in learning more about the history and development of tungsten carbide? Keep reading for more information about this chemical compound and how it compares to others.

Address Groundwater Depletion Issues with Groundwater Monitoring and Remediation Services

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Groundwater engineering company

Groundwater monitoring and remediation is an essential service that is provided to protect the Earth’s water supply. Furthermore, this service is also vital to ensure that there will be enough water that is suitable for drinking and other important purposes. Given groundwater depletion, just 3% of the planet’s water is fresh. Furthermore, only 1% is considered to be safe to drink.

Contributing Causes to Water Pollution

Chemical spills, industrial waste, and hazardous waste sites have all been responsible for contaminating the Earth’s available water supply. On an annual basis, there are roughly 16,000 chemical spills that occur, particularly when these substances are be