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Proper and Safe Clinical Storage of Medications

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Medical packaging design

Today?s pharmaceuticals packages are designed for safety. Medications are put into child proof packaging that can only be opened with knowledge of how the package works. They may even come in measurement proof packaging, only allowing you to take one item at a time. These safety precautions are to keep the medications out of young children?s hands. Other safety measures may need to be taken to prevent misuse of prescription medications. If you are worried about the storage and safekeeping of your medication, follow these safety tips.

Put medications in a set scheduled container. Many pharmacies sell medication dividers. These allow you to organize all of your medications into days. You can even separate them by day and night time usage. This method of storage not only ensures t

4 Reasons to You Should Be Using Blister Packaging

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Consumers may not think twice about why their over-the-counter pain reliever comes in a bottle or why their antibiotic prescription uses blister pack packaging. Pharmaceutical companies have numerous options at their disposal for medical packaging materials, but many experts believe that blister packaging may be the way of the future. There have been so many notable advancements made in blister package design in recent years that it’s surprising some companies are still resistant to the idea of using it. If you aren’t yet using blister packaging services, here are four excellent reasons as to why you should consider doing so:

  1. Quality Preservation
    More than any other type of pharma packaging, blister packaging helps protect the integrity of the medication inside. This packaging is durable and protects pharmaceuticals from air, moisture, light, and harmful substances. Blister packaging can increase shelf life and because pills do not require dispensation, there’s virtually no chance of having a pharmacy mix-up or contamination. This means that from creation to shipping to sale, this medication will remain as it ought to be. Your product and your brand will be well-protected.
  2. Tamper Evidence
    Not only will blister packaging services protect medications against damage, but they also provide evidence of accidental or intentional tampering. Though blister packaging is incorrectly thought to provide less protection for consumers, it undoubtedly provides much better evidence of any type of tampering or incorrect use. Unlike bottle packaging, blister packaging provides you with proof you can see. If your medicine has been tampered with or has been taken by someone other than you, you’ll be able to clearly observe how large a portion has been affected. Some types of blister packaging may also provide a double layer of protection for each individual dose, acting as an extra safeguard against tampering.
  3. Patient Compliance
    It’s much easier for consumers to track the amount of pills they’ve taken (or how many they have left to take) with plastic blister packaging. For medications like antibiotics and birth control, it’s important for consumers to have access to a virtual schedule of sorts. Big pill bottles make it easy to miss a dose, but blister packaging will essentially remind them if they’ve forgotten to take a pill. Patients are much more likely to take the correct dosage and request refills when appropriate. It’s simply a better choice for the consumer.
  4. Many options
    With advancements being made to blister packaging services all the time, this type of pharmaceutical packaging is becoming an even more attractive option. Recently, full-color printing was made a reality for the industry. In addition, blister packs for pharmaceuticals can often be made with child-safe protection so that only adults may open them. They’re also more cost-effective than other types of pharma packaging. These increased options are appealing to both companies and customers, so it’s only a matter of time before they’re embraced throughout the industry.

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Four Things to Remember While Developing Your Branded Packaging

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Customized packaging

Are you interested in specialty packaging for your business? They say not to judge a book by its cover, but the truth is, when your target market is looking at your pallet displays and choosing between your product and your competitor at the store, one of the most powerful factors in their decision making process is the retail packaging. When in take the time to design the right specialty packaging for your product, it makes your target market think, “Hmm… these people seem to have something going for them!”

Not surprisingly, specialty packaging has to be done right in order to make a d

Card Fraud How We Can Fight It In A Modern World

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We need to be more aware of how we spend our money. There are advantages and disadvantages to the more recent American dependence on card transactions. Let’s look at advantages first. Cards are undoubtedly easier to carry, and they make it simpler to spend when we want to and how we want to. They’re easier on cashiers as well, as they make the issue of change irrelevant. For that matter, some see cards as more difficult to steal — while they are kept in wallets, they aren’t as loose as cash if stored properly. On the other hand, cards perhaps make it too easy for us to spend, to the point that it doesn’t feel like we’re spending too much money, and we end up spending too much. Cards also run the risk of being rejected because they’re too old, and they can be a pain for users to replace. S