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Investing in the Medical Cannabis Industry

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Cannabis investment strategy

Our country continues to evolve and laws and regulations continue to advance. Things that were once illegal are now legal, and our society, as a whole, is moving towards more acceptance. Once of these areas of acceptance and law changes are that of medical cannabis usage. Years ago, cannabis was illegal and considered only useful for recreational drug use. People still used it, but they would face legal charges if caught. However, after man years of research, scientists have found that cannabis is useful for pain relief in many medical conditions. Cannabis is actually considered to be less harmful to the body than many of the pharmaceuticals available today. For this reason, many individual states have passed the legalization of medical marijuana use. Other states have yet to pass the legalization

How Do You Know When It Is Time to Hire an Electronic Billing Service?

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Laser direct imaging

You never imagined you would see the day you would need to begin using electronic billing.
Using the term start up company was a stretch for what you and your friend were doing. You did not think of your friend as a business partner, you simply introduced her as your good friend who used to teach across the hall from you. Three years later, however, you find yourself needing to find a third person to join your service or making the decision to have to turn some clients away. This situation, the one where you are looking at an electronic billing service and finding another employee, seemed completely impossible three years ago.
What to Do When Small Businesses Become Big Businesses Overnight
The two former English teachers had a simple plan. They would help high school student

Modern Medical Packaging and the Chicago Tylenol Murders

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Clinical storage and distribution

Americans are being prescribed more medications than ever before. In fact, nearly half (48.5%) of Americans have used at least one prescription drug in the last 30 days. Logically so, the pharmaceutical industry is booming: in 2011, doctors and dispensaries provided 2.6 billion post-appointment prescription drugs, and in the same year, pharmacy and drug store sales in the United States totaled over $231 billion. With prescription drug demand on the rise and internet-based medical purchases becoming more common, pharmaceutical companies are constantly coming up with new methods to keep us and our families safe, namely through medical packaging techniques.
Even when it comes to over-the-counter medications, which some view as potentially less dangerous than prescription dr