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Are You Looking for a New Sales Job?

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Hiring sales people

After nearly 30 years in computer software and IT sales, the top sales man from one of the leading data storage centers made an unlikely career move. Instead of selling data storage space and disaster recovery services, he would now be selling the academics, athletics, and activities of an expensive private all boys high school. although the career change seemed a little unusual to some, the fact of the matter is good sales people can sell almost anything. And in this case, the former IT sales guy was going to be able to sell the importance of a quality education by raising funds for a school where both he and his son formerly attended.
Hiring great sales people is a challenge and an art form. Sales people by nature are typically very good at selling themselves. The best Continue Reading

3 Reasons Why You Should Donate Your Old Clothing

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Clothes donation

If you, like the rest of us, are in spring cleaning mode, it’s likely that you have a clothing pile the size of mount vesuvius in the middle of your bedroom. And before you go stuffing them into black garbage backs to collect dust in a dumpster somewhere or in your attic. Maybe you should donate them instead. Not convinced? Here are 3 reasons why:

Help others who can’t afford clothing.
For some families, even the smallest expense is a big deal. That being said, many have difficulties affording clothing. But donating clothing, you’ll be helping military families, homeless individuals, and others who have difficulty affording the every day essentials, such as basic clothing garme