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Could Your Company’s Hiring Practices Be Better?

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Does your company struggle with staffing? Perhaps you have a hard time with retention or maybe you are just going through a restructure and need to find an executive but aren’t sure where to turn. Whatever your staffing situation might be, you aren’t alone. Companies all across America are trying to improve retention and hiring practices across the board. Here are some things to remember when you face these things in your own company:

1. Retention – Nearly 60% of U.S. organizations currently view employee retention as a problem. Finding a great candidate to hire is difficult enough, but it seems as though keeping that employee is an even greater challenge. There are dozens of reasons that

Why Water is So Important to Our Bodies

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It’s so easy to take clean water for granted living in America. We don’t tend to think about the dangers of unsanitary water. But, thank goodness someone does. Because even here in a first world country, if the waters were not purified and sanitized through the use of water electrical resistivity monitors and filtering machines, we would be in the same situation as other countries with diseases and ailments rampaging through the country. Water in general is so important for our bodies to intake that’s why the use of water quality kits and water testing kits come in so handy. They are used to ensure that the water we are digesting is suitable and helpful to our bodies instead of the opposite. Here are just a few reasons why we need to drink water.

Our Bodies Use it Up
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Safety Down the Finest Detail

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When dealing with heavy equipment and machinery, you are going to want to make sure that you have everything in order, from the correct machines in place down to the proper documentation and safety certifications of those operating them. Passersby on the street may not always realize it, but there is quite a bit of thought and effort that goes into making a successful and smoothly operating construction site. And there are many heavy equipment components that make a well-oiled machine work the way that it is supposed to.

Keeping up to date on heavy equipment servicing
Unless you are familiar with the machinery used in the heavy duty projects of building and construction sites, Continue Reading

Help The Environment, Fix Your Taxes And Help Those In Need Charitable Clothing Donations

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Are you wondering about when to donate clothes? You’re in the right place! It’s always a good time to rummage through your closet and pick out unused and unwanted clothing articles, as charity organizations are always looking for wares to pad out their shelves and help people in need. Charitable donation doesn’t end at clothes, either, and that old coffee maker or radio could see a new home. Donating clothing to charity, on top of furniture and unwanted knick-knacks, can even leave a mark on your tax write-off! Why don’t we take a look at all the benefits of chari

How to Keep the Employees You Need

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While hiring the right staff member is important, keeping that employee is vital. In today’s competitive job market and with a rising number of millennials – as much as 42% according to Jobvite – wanting to change jobs every one to three years, employee retention is one of the biggest challenges facing U.S employers, with almost 60% of companies surveyed viewing it as a significant problem. Top employees are easily scooped up by the competition, taking their knowledge, experience and expertise with them, and filling that gap can be difficult. Employee turnover can cost a company between 30% and 150% of the employee’s salary.

The first step to employee retention is ensuring a good match from the beginning. While a recent Robert Half survey found that 36% of the 1,400 executives surveyed cited poor skills mat

3 Easy Ways to Promote Your Business Using Signs

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Business sign manufacturers understand the importance of having a sign outside your store. Without the sign, there is really no way that anyone will know where you are or how to locate you without outdoor business signs. While most people might make use of the Internet before actually venturing out to find a place, having signs for outside businesses makes it a lot easier for potential customers to find you. GPS only works up to a certain point but often it doesn’t pinpoint exactly where the business is, especially if it in within a mall or a row of shops. However, outdoor signs for your business are not the only only things that business sign manufacturers can offer. Here are a few other ways that you can promote your bu

Jersey City Residents are Upset With Amount of Street Sweeping

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Too much street sweeping is actually causing problems.

Jersey City’s road sweeping services are being utilized too much and it’s beginning to cause some issues.

Working with private street sweeping companies has much more benefits than cities who don’t take everything into account.

Jersey City is sweeping their streets four times a week and it’s leading to drivers receiving parking tickets of about $50.

“I’ve owned a car in a couple of different places, Chicago and Washington, D.C., and I have never seen the streets swept as frequently as they are in Jersey City,” Stepleton, who lives downtown, said. “Given the way I’ve seen people get tickets, it’s hard to get away from thinking it’s just a revenue scheme.”

In 2015, parking tickets in Jersey City totaled more

8 Tips to Reduce Employee Turnover and Improve Your Bottom Line

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Employee retention is a serious issue. Nearly 57% of American organizations say this. Poor performance and issues with temperament are the reasons that nearly 22% of new hires leave within 45 days. There are ways to keep employees happy and with a company for longer than a month and a half. Talent acquisition management firms list the following ways employers can keep their staffs. Many are surprised to hear that it really is not about the money for most American workers. People stay in jobs where they are happy, not just well compensated.

  1. Make a work life balance something you really care about. People like to wo

New Innovations in Blister Packaging Praised for Efficiency

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According to Packaging Digest, the European Aluminum Foil Association is celebrating pharmaceutical blister packaging solutions for their resource efficiency. This announcement may surprise some people, who haven?t considered the additional economical design advantages of blister packs.

Why blister packaging? The EAFA was celebrating Amcor Flexibles, which created a technology that can make the plastic ?blister? cavities deeper and with sharper wall angles than what was previously possible. As a result, it will be possible to fit more medication into a smaller blister card; or, manufacturers will be able to add additional cavities, without having to create a larger blister card.

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