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4 Things Every Cleaner Should Strive For

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Bakersfield cleaning services

Having a restaurant cleaning job or office cleaning service company or school cleaning services, or whatever type of janitorial services that you offer can be a difficult business to get into. There are many things that people are looking for when they hire a cleaning service, no matter where it is that your company will be taking care of. Janitorial responsibilities are important to keep track of and your employees should know exactly what the businesses and schools or churches are looking for when your company is hired. It’s crucial that every employee take his or her janitorial responsibi

5 Reasons to Consider Using Virtual Office Suies

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Unique office solution in delaware

More and more companies and workers are choosing to work remotely. It is seen as being productive by at least 67% of all American professionals and is seen as being a perk of a job by nearly 80% of them. The ability to lose the daily commute is seen as one of the big benefits to this arrangement and as many as 14% of workers in the United States went as far as to change their job to lose or shorten their commute. At least 46% of American businesses say they employ telework was a way to prevent attrition. For many companies and professionals, virtual office suites offer the best of both worlds. They get to work from an office when they need it and from somewhere else when they do not.

Virtual office spaces first started popping up around 1994. The Office Business Center Association

More Durable and More Efficient Water Tower Coolers Are Your Company’s Answer

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How cooling towers work

Water cooling towers are a part of our lives virtually every day. Whenever you go to work or shop at a big box store you are likely to be the recipient of their efficiency, so much so that you likely do not even notice them.

A cooling tower is a heat exchanger. Inside the cooling tower system, heat is taken from the water by contact between the water and the air. This heat transfer will occur through the exchange of heat between the air and water through evaporation of a small part of the water that needs to be cooled. The water is cooled down to a temperature which is lower than the ambient temperature. If you see the chimneys of water cooler towers the mist coming from the chimney is not smoke. It is regular steam and has the same makeup as a regular cloud in the sky.

Cooling tower systems were fi

Why are These Women Suing Endo Pharmaceuticals?

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Blister packaging process

According to Albany Star, birth control failure for 100 women prompted them to file a lawsuit against the packaging company, Qualitest (a subsidiary of Endo). In 2011, the company issued a large-scale voluntary recall because a blister packaging error led to the weekly tablet orientation being reversed — this means that the hormones women should have been taking in week 1 were replaced, instead, with the blank pills of week 4 that are meant to allow menstruation to occur. Consequently, 113 women became pregnant, and 94 went on to have babies.

It Won?t be a Class Action Suit

The women originally

Be Sure To Follow Rules When It Comes To Construction Safety

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Rigging certification

On any construction project, there are a number of regulations that have to be followed. Many of the regulations put in place are there to protect workers as well as the public at large if the project involves hazardous material handling. It’s important that such rules be followed to make the site as safe as possible and also to protect the contractor from facing any fines or other penalties for noncompliance. Here are some of the most common rules that contractors must follow.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, commonly referred to as OSHA, is the main agency that regulates safety for the construction agency, and there are a number of regulations contractors and subcontractors have to follow on job sites. Two main areas of emphasis for OSHA are fall protection and material handling.

Why the Design of Your Trade Show Booth Matters

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Exhibit booth design

Your product could be a top-of-the-line, industry-changing, ground-breaking creation, but without the proper exposure, how will we ever know?

Besides marketing campaigns, trade shows are vital to getting your product out there. The average company allocates 31.6% of its total marketing budget to events, and over $24 billion is spent annually by U.S. Exhibitors for trade show displays. To be a competitor in the marketplace, you will need to step it up when it comes to America’s favorite corporate event: the trade show.

Your trade show exhibit display needs to be three things: Informative, eye-catching, and engaging.

Informative: Your brand has a message, and your product has a purpose. How well can you articulate your company’s mission? Your exhibit booth design must highli

3 Suggestions for Improving Your Company’s Signage

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Full color led signs

The statistics are in regarding signs: about 35% of people would not have arrived at a business if it wasn?t for their sign. Studies have also shown that even just upgrading to a larger sign can increase in-store revenue by 7.7% — an important number for places that rely on walk-in business.

So: what can you do to make your sign more effective, whether it?s a church marquee sign or LED business signs? Here are a few suggestions.

Potential Sign Elements

What should you have in your sign, if it?s not just the name of your business? Popular additions include slogans, call to actions, and Twitter handles. Call to actions are psychological tools used to encourage people to take action NOW rather than passively waiting to do it later. ?Call us now for more information? or ?stop