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Be Prompt, Miss Nothing — Advantages of Using After Hours Telephone Answering Services

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Business answering service

For businesses, effective communication and efficient customer support are most often challenging tasks to do right. If you own a business that has clients and customers from multiple areas and across different time zones, this can be particularly problematic. Customers often call in with their questions and queries, and providing an instant response is of paramount importance if you want to create lasting relationships. Automated messages and recordings do not leave a good impression if a customer calls outside of office hours, and even during office hours, about 80% of your customer might choose to hang up on you if they hear a voicemail message.

For continued success in the field of customer satisfaction, it is imperative, therefore, to ensure that customers can reach you at any hour witho

Why Marketing Logistics are so important in an online world

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Ecommerce order fulfillment

If the recent holidays were any indication, e-commerce sales will reach over $500 billion before 2018. Therefore, companies that do business on the internet need improved marketing logistics in order to compete and succeed. This often means turning to logistics management services for e-commerce order fulfillment.

Over 80% of those on the internet have made an online purchase and 50% of those that have purchased something on the World Wide Web have done it more than once. These numbers, along with marketing logistics and fulfillment distribution have made it so that third-party logistics companies or 3PL have seen an increase in business of around 15% annually.

However, companies that are

Why Trenchless Plumbers Are Your New Best Friends

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Drain repair sandy springs

You’re a home owner or a business owner. Things seem to be humming along just fine until one day, you realize in a not so subtle way that your toilet won’t flush. It’s more than just a clog. It’s a serious sewer problem. You’ve gotten a drain inspection, and it’s clear that something has to be done. But what, exactly?

It’s obvious that things like sewers aren’t going to last forever, but not everyone is aware of the lifespan of their particular pipes. On average, a sewer will last abut 40 years. After that, it’s going to need to be replaced. Nobody wants their landscaping to be dug up and ruined. That can cost thousands more on top of pipe repair. What you need is a plumber who works with the new technology known as Continue Reading

The Ovens Powering the US Industrial, Commercial and Residential

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Metal melting furnaces

Industrial ovens, commercial ovens, and residential ovens are the same basic technology used for very different purposes. Residential ovens are obviously used for families to cook food for themselves, on a small scale. The technology typically involves gas burners or electric burners, and an oven component for baking purposes. These can be run on gas or electricity, with different benefits of each, and should be sufficient for the cooking needs of individuals and families.

Commercial ovens are used in restaurants and food production factories and can accommodate large amounts of food. Revolving ovens are a type of commercial oven and can hold eight to 32 pans, often used in large restaurants. Most are powered by natural gas, with electric being the next most popular. Gas is generally better f

Tips for Hiring the Right Recruitment Firm

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Ruggedized mobile computers

More and more companies are looking to outsource their staffing needs. Between 2012 and 2013, businesses doubled their use of search firms. This represents the largest number of companies going to outside firms in more than 10 years. Many companies complain that they cannot find enough qualified people in their area. More than 70% say they cannot find the right people to hire. Regardless of what kind of employee you are looking for, hiring a recruiting firm may be the most cost effective way to get the right person for the job. From supply chain executive recruiters to product development positions, there are companies that exist solely to help companies like yours find the right staff.
Tips for Hiring the Right Recruitment Firm:

  • Decide what you need and wa

Hotels, Hospitals, and Kitchens The 3 Areas Most at Risk For a Fire

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Commercial fire alarms orlando

Ever since its discovery fire has been used to enrich human lives providing warmth, light, and safety among its many utilities. For all of the good that fire can do, it also has the wild potential to destroy indiscriminately. For all of our modern knowledge and technology, fire still causes significant property damage and loss of life every year. Kitchens, hotels, and hospitals are some of the areas where fire can spread the easiest; here are some facts on the biggest fire hotspots across the nation.


Since fire lead to the introduction of cooked foods, it seems to be a no-brainer that kitchens are at an increased risk for fire

Are Your Customers Tired of Shopping Online? Why Corrugated Displays are Driving Realtime Sales

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Printed retail packaging

Although many digital retailers still believe that a sale is over once the customer makes payment on a product, more online business owners have come to a different conclusion. Customized shipping boxes and innovative retail packaging design are rapidly becoming an essential detail for both online and in-store marketing campaigns. Studies show that customers make purchasing decisions based on visual cues: custom printed corrugated displays can have a lasting impact on customer opinions and buying patterns.

Printed retail packagin