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American Business Owners Looking for Workers Who are Ready to Make a Long Term Commitment

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While more than half of American business owners report a strong commitment to employee retention, the soaring costs of training — and high employee turnover — have many businesses left wondering what they can do to increase employee satisfaction and to inspire long term employee commitment. About one-third of all small business owners report that staffing is their top priority, and executive HR search firms across the country are being tasked to provide highly-skilled employees who are also looking for long term positions.

Outsourcing HR and IT positions is not always a desirable option for small business owners: having a full-time, onsite HR professional who can address employee concerns and make adjustments in payroll and insurance policies can be essential for businesses of any size. Making

Secure Payment Processing — What You Need to Know

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Secure payment processing is an umbrella term that refers to a merchant’s obligation to keep your financial information safe when you make a purchase from them online. Most web sites that offer you the option of buying from them have stringent measures in place to protect your credit card information, as well as your identity. Without some of these measures in place to ensure that you are sending a secure payment, these transactions would be very dangerous and inefficient to deal with.

Luckily, there has been a surge of breakthroughs in recent times that should make even the most cautious of users feel safer when using their credit cards to make purchases onli