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Green Til the End How Green Burials Provide an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Traditional Burials

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Cremation necklaces

Mortality has always stood as an impassible barrier for humanity. The inevitability of death has been a source of anxiety that existentialist philosophers have long attempted to make sense of. Every single individual has their own perception of death, and many think long and hard about what happens to those we leave behind. Estate planning, wills, and deciding what kind of funerary rites one desires are all concerns that have to be addressed at some point. Here are three options to consider for those making their final preparations.

Traditional Burials

Burial has been practiced for thousands of years around the world as one of the oldest funerary rites. The body is prepared by a mortician, who embalms the body to halt decay. In the case of an open casket, the mortician dresse

Top Five Tips For Renting The Best Retail Space For Your Business

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What’s the most important quality all successful businesses share? While some would cite a strong marketing campaign or customer loyalty as the most important features (and they most certainly are important!), there exists a lesser known but no less valid aspect of making sure your business flourishes. Finding commercial property for rent can be an easily neglected feature on the road to greatness, combining a significant mixture of location and interior design that establishes a business’ first impression straight off the bat. Let’s look at the top five tips for finding the best retail space for rent, from renovation to safe habits to just knowing where to buy!

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