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Why Trenchless Plumbers Are Your New Best Friends

Written by Small Business Tips. Posted in Drain cleaning atlanta, Sewer inspection atlanta, Trenchless pipe repair atlanta

Drain repair sandy springs

You’re a home owner or a business owner. Things seem to be humming along just fine until one day, you realize in a not so subtle way that your toilet won’t flush. It’s more than just a clog. It’s a serious sewer problem. You’ve gotten a drain inspection, and it’s clear that something has to be done. But what, exactly?

It’s obvious that things like sewers aren’t going to last forever, but not everyone is aware of the lifespan of their particular pipes. On average, a sewer will last abut 40 years. After that, it’s going to need to be replaced. Nobody wants their landscaping to be dug up and ruined. That can cost thousands more on top of pipe repair. What you need is a plumber who works with the new technology known as Continue Reading