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What to Know Before Getting Discount Auto, Homeowners, or Renters Insurance

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For most people in the United States, insurance for homes and cars is a necessity. Still, many people either forgo insurance for their property or choose the cheapest–but not most comprehensive–coverage available. Doing something simple like getting a discount auto insurance quote online or researching renters insurance rates can help save you money and ease worries. Here is a breakdown of the most common types of insurance available, why you need them, and how they protect you from accidents, theft, natural disasters, and other mishaps.
Auto insurance is required to drive a car in all 50 states of the USA and is necessary to protect you if you get into a car accident. Anyth

Google’s Under Fire; What Does That Mean for Your Marketing Strategy?

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What is the future of SEO? Google faced a lot of backlash in early 2014. The U.K. brought the search engine to court over privacy breaches, and France is the latest to take a stand against Google. Following a court ruling, the homepage of Google France, in fact, will bear a print reminder — “The Restricted National Commission on Information and Freedom has fined Google 150,000 euros for breaches of the ‘Freedoms’ law” — for up to six months, Business Insider reports.

Trouble Times and Their Impact on Natural Search Engine Optimization

The recent backlash against Google raises important questions including, what does this mean for my company and its search engine marketing strategies? First and foremost, Continue Reading