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Four Things Not to Do When Running a Meeting

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In many companies, business meetings are often vital to make sure that every employee is on the same page and working towards the same goal. However, it is not always easy for managers or owners to run those meetings, and there are lots of mistakes that could make them less productive. While there are lots of first business meeting tips that could be used to help make sure that a meeting is effective, it is just as important for leaders to make sure that they are avoiding some common mistakes. Learning what not to do could be just as helpful as more direct small business tips and advice for meetings.

Avoid One-Way Conversations

Too often in the business world, meetings are not collaborative. Instead, the owner or manager ends up talk at, rather than with, their employees for the

Need Some Help Getting Your Website Found? Try SEO

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Seo techniques are one of the only ways to succeed in effective local internet marketing. The internet is a fickle beast, and requires a lot of care and attention in order to be satisfied. With local internet marketing, you want your advertising and presence to go to the right people, but also get lots of exposure. If you advertise to the wrong client base, or not enough of the right kind, then there is no point in local internet marketing at all, because it certainly will not bring in the volume of business you want. That is why SEO caters to all of the right people for you.

Just what is SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimization, and is all about manipulating your online presence to be recognized by search engin